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Back Up Services

SmartFix Center Cloud Backup Offer Many Features:

1.  The next-gen of hybrid is now here with Tribrid backup. Tribrid backup introduces 3 storage types; Instant, Cold and Local Storage, where you select what data to store on each storage type and SmartFix Center Cloud will handle the rest.


 SmartFix Center Cloud intuitive design combines enterprise level features such as scalability, centralized management, reliability, data tiering and more at a very affordable price. By leveraging AWS technology and our powerful backend, we provide a solution that will allow all businesses, no matter how large, an easy move to the cloud. 

Unlike other services, SmartFix Center does not cap bandwidth upload/download speeds nor does it set upload/download file size limitations. You can use quality cloud backup feasible for all businesses.

3. Enterprise Level Backend

SmartFix Center Cloud's back-end resides on the secure and reliable Amazon Web Service (AWS) Infrastructure. Your backups are duplicated and stored over multiple facilities across the globe ensuring on-demand data availability.

All major computation is done on the back-end cloud; offering smooth backup and minimum performance impact on your side.

4. Remote Restore

At any time, initiate restoring files to any computer from your centralized web console.

SmartFix Center Cloud restore client will automatically restore the file to the original or an alternate location based on your preferences.

5. Cold Storage: Store More, Pay Less. 

With SmartFix Center Cloud innovative Cold Storage, you can instantly backup all your rarely accessed files for cheaper than storing on-premises; 100GB for only $3/mo! Your files will be stored on the secure, reliable, and durable Amazon AWS that requires 3-5 hours restore time or Zero restore time with Hybrid+. Once your files are ready to be downloaded, you will receive an email to restore.

Need to store photos? SmartFix Center Cloud provides image preview of photos stored on Cold Storage.

6. Powerful User Management

You can either allow your power users to configure their entire backup or configure everything for them. SmartFix Center Cloud enables you to set policies to specific users; specify the backup selection, backup settings, storage limit, encryption password, privileges, and more with an easy to use policy manager.

The system is simple and easy to use and any changes will be pushed to the clients instantly. Retired computers can be archived with ease and users can be suspended, activated, or deleted. Multiple Admins can be assigned to the console for easier control and access.

7. SmartFix Center Cloud for Everything

With SmartFix Center Cloud, you can back up computers, laptops, netbooks, Windows Servers, Mac computers, and any external or network storage attached to your computers. SmartFix Center Cloud protects it all.

On a home computer or mobile device? No problem, open SmartFix Center Cloud web to access your backed up files and share securely with your collaborators.


Plans starting at $5 per pc per month on 100 GB storage

We offer many different plans.

Call us to get started and start protecting your files!






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