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Photo Recovery Services

Photo Recovery Service

If you are getting memory card errors, your card appears to be blank, or your photo files were accidentally deleted, our in-house photo recovery service can attempt to recover those lost or missing files.  We utilize advanced software to reconstruct deleted, corrupt, or missing photo files from your memory card, jump drive, CD, or DVD.  All recovered files are saved to archival grade DVD’s.  The original source media or device is never changed, and is returned to you in the exact same condition as we received it.  We cannot guarantee that your files will be recovered, but we do have a very. very high rate of success.

Damaged or corrupt files could be a sign that your media is going bad.  We strongly suggest that you discard any media that requires recovery!  Photo file recovery is a very time consuming process.  Fees are for the labor and time involved in attempting the recovery regardless of the result............   YES, we can run recovery on video clips also!

Photo Recovery Prices:

Media up to 16 GB - $29.95

Media over 16 GB -  $39.95

  • All recovered data will be saved on an archival grade DVD or CD.
  • Some recovered files may appear as incomplete or damaged.
  • No recovery is guaranteed, but our success rate is very high.
  • xD cards that have been reformatted in the camera are almost NEVER recoverable.
  • Price is based on the card or media storage size

What to do when you have trouble:

As soon as you notice a problem with your media or memory card, STOP! Turn off your camera or device, and remove the card. Anything else you try to do could cause further damage to your files!  When this happens, contact us to arrange for pickup / delivery service at your home or office

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